Utah Wedding Photographer

Where to begin..

In a nut shell, i've been doing photography since 2017! I started off with Film and instantly LOVED it. Still do, and while I was tearing my hair out figuring out who I wanted to become, adulting, and all that big scary stuff to a 17 year old; The only thing that ever made sense for me to continue doing out of school was Photography!


So I did just that, I bought my own camera right after I graduated and now here I am.. talking to you behind this tiny screen. Crazy right? Ugh I love it!


But enough of that boring stuff.. you are here because you want to know the REAL me! But.. who am I?

I am married to a lean mean United States Marine! His name is Jackson, we got married during the craziest time of this year! He loves to join me on my shoots and its the best Reflector assistant anyone could ask for! Check out my Insta for his Behind the Scenes as ' Sun God'!

I am big on Family coming first, and love traveling. I am in love with the ocean, and fail at attempting to tan on the beach.. although the nice peach color I achieve only lasts a day.

I'm a hug fan of old music, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Bee Gees, Paul Anka and much more! Im a sucker for Chick-Fil-A waffle fries and their sauce. And I firmly believe in living everyday like its your last( as cheesy and it might sound ). Don't let your routine day rule your life, don't let the days blur together! Seek Discomfort ( watch this youtube channel ) everyday, do something different, and be you! 

- Fun Facts -

I've gone

Skydive twice

Chilean & bilingual

I've been to Phil Collin's last concert

Huge Elvis Fan

Currently growing out a Pixie cut

How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show

Enough about me, I wanna hear about you!

- Based out of Utah -

Travel is welcomed!

Images by Michelle Wall, hintoftulips.com