Utah Wedding Photographer

- Travel Welcomed -

Wait just one darn second


 Take one second to realize.. you are here because you are months, weeks, heck maybe even days away from marrying to love of your life! Congratulations first of all!


Your emotions, your story, you and your partner, are all so unique.

Your story needs to reflect that, I think that best way to tell a story is to just let it play out. I don't like posing, unless we are getting that one shot that everyone is gonna ask you for so they may dub their fridge the almighty power of having you guys magnetized on there for life. 

I will help of course if your hair is sticking up, or tell you what to do with your hands. But I want you guys to be yourselves, just utterly and completely lost in each other, not in me or my camera.

I am 100% invested in you two. Meaning I will help out where ever I am needed!


I've done the whole ceremony thing, and its stressful and crazy! So I will help you out with being your water girl, carrying your extra pair of shoes. I'll even have bandaids just in case! 

This is going to be the most important day of your life, and you need to take all the time in the world to soak it all in. 

- Based out of Utah -

Travel is welcomed!

Images by Michelle Wall, hintoftulips.com